Curriculum vitae

David Lebée
Lead Software Architect & DevOps
Analyst & Software Developer
Email Address
[email protected]
Boca Raton, Florida
Goal-oriented Software Consultant with 11 years of experience in planning, managing the implementation of software for POS and tailor-made software clients. Talented at performing system analysis, designing, configuring, testing, and integrating data management systems. Organized and efficient with excellent communication skills.
  • Gluwa Inc.

    Lead Software Architect & Devops

    Brought in to improve scalability of the GluwaAPI while communicating with EVM compatible chains.
    Created an api to fire and forget execution of ethereum transactions internally called the Ethereum Relayer.
    Took over leadership of the DevOps team, migrated hand deployed solution to Infrastructure As Code.
    Helped another team of the company deploy the CreditCoin blockchain and implemented centralized load balancers for de-centralized RPC nodes.
    Made an report of the state of the Gluwa API, and created a re-architecturing plan.
    Re-organised the security permissions on azure using AAD Groups for each development squad.

  • Powered Softwares Inc.

    Director, Analyst and Lead Software Developer

    At first started as a consulting firm in 2015 under the name LEBEE INFO INC. where I acted as the only employee and consultant.

    Eventually rebranded as Powered Softwares Inc in 2018, recruited my own developers to work on a multitude of projects.

    I am proud to say that Powered Soft as delivered every project it has taken on, and has a great relationship with its clients.

    Marketucan Technologies Inc.

    • Maintaining platform support
    • Completed certification of terminal security changes
    • Facilitating planning & changes for new clients
    • Built mobile applications to offer gift card enrollments and purchasing online
    • Built the integration to do online processing with Global Payments (at the time no C# SDK was offered)

    Roxboro Excavation Inc.
    We developed as a team an ERP for the following:

    • Supplier
    • Employee
    • Mailing List
    • Purchase Orders
    • Truck transport weighting sheets manager using Optical character recognition apis of (Microsoft, google, and Fujitsu)
    • Employee hours management
    • A custom payroll system that simplifies payroll for construction
    • Garage Repairs Management and tracking system
    • Mobile application for equipment repairs on the road
    • Tracking of trucks and equipments


    • Rebranding their acquired Point Of Sale.
    • Updated POS credit card integration and certificate with Moneris.
    • Built a new reporting engine that would aggregate sales of 4000 restaurants across canada into a single data warehouse.
    • Offered bridges to other business inteligence for the maintained POS Solution with Deloitte.
    • Built custom auditting reports to facilitate the auditing of gift card aging.

    La vie est belle - Restaurant Co-op

    • Built a fully managable food ordering platform
    • Mobile friendly ordering website
    • Merchant appication to receive orders/accept/refund orders in store
    • Integration with Global Payment credit card processing w/ saved card for returning customers
    • Multi Location support
    • Exportables for accounting softwares

    École de conduite routec 132 Inc.

    Driving School dedicated platform that respects AQTR Requirements.

    • Employee management
    • Student management
    • Program management
    • Contract Management w/ digital signining of contracts
    • Online Credit payment
    • Certificate (Attestations de cours de conduite)
    • Reports for l'AQTr
    • Exam taking online

    Thygeson Mobile App

    Build an application to aid in the research towards better treatment or a cure of Thygesons's disease

    • Signup/Login
    • Drug databases integration with canada
    • Drug databases integration with USA
    • Tracking drop intakes
    • Tracking flare-ups
    • Offering statistics
    • Personal census
    • Family census
  • Marketucan Technologies Inc.

    Analyst and Lead Software Developer

    Conception of a Gift & Loyalty SaaS

    • Gathered requirements.
    • Recruited team and trained the interns.
    • Led the project development and structure.
    • Built an automated billing system.
    • Completed certification for Electronic Fund Transfering with TD Bank.
    • Completed ingenico third party application certification in Toronto, Canada .
    • Completed certification for payment third party application with Desjardins, Accéo Solutions, Moneris & Chase for ingenico third party application.
  • Logicaisse

    Lead Software Developer

    First worked as a junior developer in the development team of the Point of Sale of the company (LCS).

    Worked as a Quality assistant developer during the certification of the POS with revenu quebec.

    Eventially was allowed to create the companies first web product, this product enabled clients to view the sales of their restaurants online. The company's biggest client MTY GROUP was now able to audit the sales of their franchises on the web quickly.


Since Mar 2009 (14 years ago)
Microsoft ASP.NET Core (and classic)
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Ionic (Progressive web applications)
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Microsoft Azure
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Azure DevOps
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PaaS (Kubernetes)
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Since Jan 2019 (4 years ago)
Cloud Native Development
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Ioc & Dependency Injection
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Azure Synapse Analytics
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Microsoft BI
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Azure Data Factory
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Power BI
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